Conservation Clearing Service

Conservation land clearing services are now available without environmental damage or liabilities associated with bulldozing and burning.

No matter whether we’re talking new homes, businesses or utility infrastructures, land clearing activities are inevitable. Typically, this translates into bulldozers and burning that degrades our environment with silted streams, piled masses of stumps and polluted air quality. Developers, landowners, local governments and utility companies now have an option to clear land without burning, bulldozing or burying debris. It’s called the TigerCat.

Developed for rough terrain, the TigerCat is a fuel efficient mulching machine strong enough to reduce huge volumes of trees and brush into environmentally desirable mulch. The unit uses an 8 ft. wide, high speed rotary cutting head to grind brush and trees up to 18 inches in diameter leaving a protective layer of nutrient rich biomass in its path. Its wide tracks make a soft “footprint” protecting soil structure even in damp conditions or uneven terrain.

Whether you’re clearing land for a new home or just need firebreaks to protect your existing home or property, do it without the liabilities of sediment and smoke. The TigerCat Service is now available through a cooperative agreement with JPV International. For more information or to schedule this service, email us at or give us a call at +706 885 0101.