Georgia Cooperative Development Program

A grant from the USDA-Rural Development has enabled the GA RC&D Council to partner statewide with the UGA– Small Business Development Center to provide free professional services to groups and associations interested in pursuing non-traditional agricultural income through the use of cooperatives. This program promotes the business cooperative model as a viable alternative for creating and expanding non-traditional agribusiness and agritourism.

Services Offered

Feasibility Studies— Expert evaluation of your proposed project to determine whether or not it will be feasible. Business Planning— Development and implementation of a solid business plan that will guide you in adding further value to your product or service, streamline your production, and help generate profits. Technical Assistance—Assistance with the technical issues involved with cooperative development. Impact Analysis— Determination of the impact of your cooperative on the local and state economies as well as employment and local, state and federal tax inputs. Board Training—Providing direction to your organization regarding the election and training of board members. Incorporation / By-law Creation Consulting—Assisting your legal representative in crafting the documentation necessary to support your organization. Market Identification—Identify target markets and focus your marketing efforts to reach that target. Survey Design and Execution—Design, execute, compile and analyze membership and marketing surveys for your organization. Management Consulting—Specialists can act as consultants for your management team.

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