Notill Rent-A-Drill Program

Helps farmers to effectively plant crops and pasture on the rolling topography of West Central Georgia using the Notill planting method.

Because of the rolling topography of West Central Georgia, the only way to plant without excessive soil erosion is through the use of the notill planting method. Seed is placed directly in the ground in one pass without prior soil preparation, saves fuel, and eliminates exposing topsoil to wind and water erosion.

A custodial agreement with the four member soil and water conservation districts (Lamar SWCD, Pine Mountain SWCD, Roosevelt SWCD and Towaliga SWCD) make nine notill units available for rent by local farmers and cattlemen in the Two Rivers Council area.

Wildlife enthusiasts have also found the program to be very beneficial to wildlife when establishing food plots on transmission rights-of-way and other open areas needing habitat improvement.

To date, the statewide Notill Drill Program has served more than 17,000 Georgians who collectively planted over 400,000 acres the notill way.

The success and continuing need for the program can be measured by its longevity which now stretches into its 22nd year of operation.




$14.00 Per Acre with an eight acre minimum and a $250 refundable damage deposit

     1) Harold Fallin (custodian) serving Pike, Upson, Spalding Counties and others - 10' drill available


    2) Phil Britton (custodian) serving Lamar, Bibb, Butts, Monroe Counties and others - 10" drill available

         770-775-7276 or 404-597-7347

     3) Wesley Ham (custodian) serving Lamar, Monroe, Bibb Counties and others - 10' drill 


     4) Chris Moss (custodian) serving Harris, Troup, Meriwether and other counties - 10' drills  and 6" drill available

          706-489-3114 or 706-888-2139

     5) Vance McCorkle (custodian) serving Marion, Talbot Counties and others - 6' and 10' drill available





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Pasture Aerators

Pasture Aerators improve water infiltration and may improve forage production. A ten-foot unit is available for use throughout the council area.

Farmers throughout West Central Georgia can now take advantage of a service designed to improve water infiltration and forage growth. A ten-foot wide Pasture Aerator can be rented separately for use with personal tractors for $6.00 per acre or farmers can contract a complete service, including a tractor and operator, for $14.00 per acre.

There is a $200 minimum charge for both options and a deposit is required when renting only the aerator.

For more information, contact: Harold Fallin at (706) 648-2553

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