Lagoon Pumpout

A skilled operator and specialized equipment is available to pump animal waste from on-farm storage facilities to the land for crop production.

Historically, animal wastes have been used for crop production for as long as farming has existed. The confinement of livestock in modern dairy and swine operations, however, has led to increased concerns on how to best manage these larger volumes of waste by-products without harm to the environment.

This program, in cooperation with state and federal agencies, helps alleviate these concerns by offering a complete nutrient management service to area livestock producers. Using USDA/NRCS approved Waste Assessment Plans, along with a Nutrient Management Plan developed by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, Two Rivers RC&D provides specialized equipment and a skilled operator to pump animal manures from on-farm storage facilities to the land. This planned approach to nutrient management helps balance both crop and environmental needs.

Since 1993, the Two Rivers Lagoon Pumpout Program has served nearly 100 livestock producers in Georgia, returning more than 125,000 tons of waste nutrients to the land for crop production.

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Roadstripe- RPM


Click here to download Roadstripe Service Agreement

Click here to download RPM Service Agreement


A shared equipment approach to improve rural road safety through the use of reflective traffic paints and raised pavement markers.

At the request of member counties and with the help of local road superintendents, the Two Rivers Council launched a rural striping program in 1997 to enhance public safety along our county roads.

A grant from Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) enabled the Council to purchase a highway striping machine and support equipment for use by local governments. The striping unit, called an EZ-Liner, uses state-of-the-art airless technology and a video guidance system to provide precise applications of highway traffic paints. The program, which often results in a 30-40% savings to the taxpayer, provides a trained operator, materials and equipment. 

Two Rivers has additional equipment that provides the application of raised pavement markers for increased visibility.


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