Roadstripe-RPM Service

A shared equipment approach to improve rural road safety through the use of reflective traffic paints and raised pavement markings.

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At the request of member counties and with the help of local road superintendents, the Two Rivers Council launched a rural striping program in 1997 to enhance public safety along our county roads.

A grant from Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) enabled the Council to purchase a highway striping machine and support equipment for use by local governments. The striping unit, called an EZ-Liner, uses state-of-the-art airless technology and a video guidance system to provide precise applications of highway traffic paints. The program, which often results in a 30-40% savings to the taxpayer, provides a trained operator, materials and equipment.

Two Rivers has additional equipment that provides the application of raised pavement markers for increased visibility.

Please call the office for current rates. 706-885-0101